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Göcek, the place where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet.

A quite bay covered with pines, beaches ornamented with very fine sand, tens of big and small islands, bays that will trigger your discovery spirit, a smooth blue sea…

Göcek is 25 km away from Fethiye and 20 km from Dalaman International Airport.

Göcek, with its modern city appearance, is one of the elite centers of the world's yachting tourism with its five marinas.

When you come to Göcek, you will see how generously nature gives to this town everywhere, from the flora to underwater life, to unique geographic formations.

Look at Göcek from Terrace Life upon an evening, fascinated by the redness of the sun, the wind will deliver the smell of pines, sweet gums, and the sea to you...

Right at this moment you will realize that you always want to be here.

The most beautiful harbor to return...

Göcek is a wonderful harbor for sailing or returning home.

D-Marin Port Göcek
36 44' 53" N - 26 56' 06" E

Marin Turk Göcek Exclusive
36 45' 34" N - 28 55' 42" E

Marin Turk Göcek Village Park
36 45' 15" N - 28 56' 00" E

Club Marina
36 45' 12" N - 28 55' 48" E

Skopea Merina
36 45' 14" N - 28 56' 20" E

Göcek is in a capital position for yacht tourism in the region with its five marinas.

Famous people or yachts are heading for Göcek to discover this hidden paradise in a considerable part of the year.

Marinas are equipped with the staff and the equipment that can offer services at international standards for yachts of every size.

Marinas with their festivals organized on certain days of the year, restaurants, and cafés take an important place in the social life of the town.

Göcek is also one of the indispensable stops of the excursions known as Blue Tour.